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We are dedicated to promoting the sport of Soccer in the St. Louis area. St. Louis' love for Soccer began in the 1880's and we are devoted to keeping that passion alive. With your help, the love and passion for this sport will continue to grow. We hope you enjoy your visit! Stop by at a later date to see updates in the exciting world of soccer in this great city.
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Jim Leeker
A message from St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame President Jim Leeker
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Thank you for visiting the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame website. I sincerely hope you enjoy browsing through the list of Hall of Fame names and looking at pictures of the more recent inductee classes and events that have been held.

I also welcome your contact and responses, good or bad, and solicit your help in order that the Hall of Fame can and will continue to grow.

It is my passion that the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame will one day be on the map of attractions to see when visiting St. Louis. I ask your help in making this happen. 

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2013 Inductees

The 2013 Inductees and Award Winners

We've posted some of the images from the 2013 Induction Banquet, the Memorial Mass, and the Columbus Day Parade for you.
These and other Hall of Fame events can be found under the Event Archives tab in the main menu. Enjoy!

Take a closer look at our 2013 HoF inductees

Did you know that the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame has more members in the
National Soccer Hall of Fame than any other city in the United States?
Billy Gonzalves 1950*
Harry Ratican 1950
Dent McSkimming 1951
Johnny Marre 1953
Walter Giesler 1962
Pete Garcia 1964
Jimmy Moore 1971
Bert Patenaude 1971*
Jimmy Dunn 1974
Frank Borghi 1976
Charley Colombo 1976
Harry Keough 1976
Gino Pariani 1976
Frank Wallace 1976
Bob Guelker 1980
Joe Carenza 1982
Ralph Tracy 1986
Frankie Vaughn 1986
Bob Kehoe 1990
Pat McBride 1994
Ebbie Dunn 1994
Jimmy Roe 1997
Bob Annis 1998
Bob Hermann 2001
Bill Looby 2001
Werner Nilsen 2005*
Alex McNab 2005*
Al Trost 2006

*Adopted St. Louisans