Future Soccer Stars Awards

2016 Future Soccer Stars
The St. Louis Soccer HOF is honoring the following "Future Soccer Stars" ...

Billy Hency (Rockwood Summit)
Joey Spotanski (Zumwalt South)
Emily Groark (Incarnate Word)
Hannah Friedrich (Hazelwood North)


Men: 2016 Colin Hilpert (Rockwood Summit) and Scott Caraway (Lafayette)
2015 Abdulah "Ado" Jahic and Alec Solverud;
2014 Sam Peterson and Kyle Weinrich;
2013 Tommy Barlow and Mark Segbers
2012 Brian Hall and Jeff Hopson; 2011 Louis Berra and Jacob Weiser
2010 Alec (A.J.) Cochran and Robbie Kristo; 2009 Logan Ream, John Roeckle and Sito Sasieta
2008 Dan Frohock, Mike Robson and Nick Sanchez

Women: 2016 Kirsten Davis (Westminister Academy), Angel Ikeda (Francis Howell Central)
2015 Anna Frick and Madison Meador;
2014 Maddy Pokorny and Madeline Cowell; 2013 Ciarra (C.J.) Fitter and Kaley Nieters
2012 Jade Klump and Cristina Rodriguez; 2011 Maddie Friedmann and Kailey Utley
2010 Michelle Auer and Courtney Young; 2009 Breanna Beine, Kelly Gravlin and Tiffany Laughlin
2008 Maggie Baumann, Allison Hu and Jenn Tucker