The Jimmy Dunn Coach of the Year Award

"Buzz" Demling

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The Jimmy Dunn Award was originated in 1988 by his son, Edward, to honor his father who was Captain of the Ben Miller Team of 1920 which won the National Open Cup Championship. Jimmy scored the winning goal against Fore River Massachusetts, a team of Portuguese Professionals, to win the game 2-1.

Edward Dunn started playing Soccer at St. Luke’s parish in Richmond Heights in the late 30’s. He learned the game from his father, the great Jimmy Dunn. During his years at CBC High School and Saint Louis University he played baseball and football. Soccer was not available at this time at these schools.

Edward started his coaching career at Saint Louis University High in 1955. He remained there for 38 years, leading the Junior Bills to State titles in 1973 and 1990, and reached the Final 4 many times. He retired after the 1993 season with a record of 592 wins, 197 losses and 104 ties. At that time, he was known as the Coach to have the most wins in the country. Some of the prominent players he coached were Pat McBride and Ty Keough, both All Americans at SLU and Pro Soccer players.
Edward received the Msgr. Jimmy Johnston Award in 1986, the CYC Golden Boot Award in 1995 and was inducted into the CBC Hall of Fame, National Soccer Coaches Hall of Fame in 1996 and St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame in 1994.

Edward developed cancer around the year 2000 and he succumbed to the disease on January 10th, 2002. He was 73 years old.